Monthly Magazine「MICE Japan」

is a term coined from the initials of four business activities: meetings (held by companies, etc.), incentives (corporate trips, etc.), conventions (held by academic societies, associations, etc.) and exhibitions. All these activities provide opportunities for business communication with people gathering from far and wide for specific purposes. Against this background, the MICE market is currently attracting attention as a platform for the creation of significant economic benefits.

Monthly MICE Japan covers meetings and incentives in addition to the exhibitions and conventions previously focused on by Monthly E&C. A new branch office of the magazine has also been opened in South Korea. By cultivating affiliations with MICE-related magazines in Asia and other countries, Monthly MICE Japan has evolved into a publication supporting efficiency improvements in the business activities of readers and providing opportunities for related commercial operators.

Monthly MICE Japan is Japan’s only magazine specializing in business communications. It supports the effective implementation of meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions as business communication functions bringing people with specific purposes together. The publication also serves as an official magazine for Japan Exhibition and Convention center Association.

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Yearly subscription price 6,000 yen
Date of Issue 30th in every month
Circulation 20,000
First Issue Oct. 2009(Publishing Date:Sep. 2009)
Style A4
Scales Form Regular subscription