Interview : Global Association Hubs Partnership Joining forces to help associations grow

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Q: I think Global Association Hub was formed with quite important thoughts for bureaus for next years. How these 4 destinations could realize that associations ask something more than tourism aspects of destination?

The four partnering cities - Dubai, Washington DC, Singapore and Brussels - are leading global hubs for international associations and in October 2015, with the launch of the Global Association Hubs Partnership, we are now aiming to help international associations grow their global network and establish a local presence in these four key markets respectively.

As associations recognize the need to expand their footprint around the world, this initiative goes beyond attracting meetings and creates a perfect platform for international associations to grow and better serve overseas members by tailoring their services to specific market needs. Accordingly, the Global Association Hubs Partnership is a gateway to these markets, offering insight on growth opportunities, providing direct access to government and private sector contacts and navigating through the local regulatory environment.    

The Global Association Hubs Partnership recognizes the impact international associations have on the overall socio-economic development of a region, in particular the growth of knowledge-based economies.

Q, In business event industry, there are some associations which focus on how to attract meetings. How Global Association Hub is different from them?
The main difference is that the focus is not on the meetings organized by International Association but on the global strategies of those associations. The partnership will serve as an effective global platform upon which international associations can build capacity in each region, and capitalize on the potential of each region's growth in activities and membership. If Association extend their activities in our respective destinations, they will certainly also bring their meetings to our cities.

Traditionally, convention bureaus and tourism boards have been showcasing the hygiene factors of a destination in order to draw in associations and their conferences, such as accessibility, infrastructure and service. However, we are keen to push the boundaries by helping associations create a lasting legacy, and create opportunities to recruit more members or provide access to new funding or partnerships.